Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Updated September 20, 2020

At Huron Tours & Travel we regard our customer’s privacy as extremely important. As such, we have a very brief privacy policy:

1. Huron Tours & Travel will not collect information without the customer's knowledge and approval, and we only contact customers in response to requests or expressed interest in our tours.

2. Contact information will be kept confidential within Huron Tours & Travel, and is never shared with 3rd parties for marketing purposes. In the course of running a tour we may need to share some information (the hotels will need your name, for instance.)

3. We do not distribute or resell any of your contact information to outside vendors.

4. We do most of our marketing via email to people who have taken trips with us in the past or requested information from us. We do not want to clutter your email box and keep the email to a minimum. We provide link to unsubscribe with every email, and will gladly remove you from our list - just let us know!

That's it!

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us: [email protected] or (800) 734-1192.

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